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EMS Data


The Fleet management component of this site assists EMS fleet managers with tracking operational costs by asset, and is utilized to assist in planning for both capital and operational needs. Snap-shot reporting provides up-to-date mileage, hours, and locations, while cost-of-operation reporting helps to pin-point assets in need of replacement.

Check Sheet

Launched in V 2.0, the check-sheet module digitizes the start-of-shift checks done across most emergency services agencies. This approach simplifies the process for practitioners, allows supervisors to ensure compliance, and automates deficiency reporting. Reporting options aid in incident investigation, accreditation record-keeping requirements, and overall compliance.

Power-user configuration wizards allow simple check-sheet creation, and rules-based reporting options to meet any system's needs.


New in V 2.12, is a customizable forms completion area, enabling users to electronically collect information from end-users, control business logic work flow, and integrate form data into metrics reporting areas.

Many other features will be included, stay tuned for upcoming release notes.

Critical Communication Solutions Inc.

Founded in 2008, Critical Communication Solutions Inc. specializes in public safety grade voice and data communication solutions. Founders Mark Woods and Mark vanWerkhoven hail from an Emergency Medical Services leadership background, with extensive experience in IP and RF technologies. Both remain practicing Critical Care Paramedics. The secret to Critical Communication Solution's success has been their ability to understand Emergency Services needs and solutions from a practitioner, manager, IT, and RF perspectives, thereby allowing them to develop and maintain solutions that meet the needs of all stakeholders.

The data communication division has evolved from a long history of web-based solutions for EMS data, dating back to the late 1990's. Solutions such as Peer PCR Audit, still used today across much of Alberta, EMS trip data interoperability bridging, Fleet data management, and inter-provincial EMS Benchmarking solutions to name a few.