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Vehicle Checks (last 24 hours)

Unit Checks Last 24 Hours

Vehicle Check Summary

  • See at-a-glance what assets are checked, and what are outstanding
  • Drill-down to identify and follow up with crews responsible for un-checked assets
  • Overview of available (in service) assets

Medication Expiration Summary

Drug Expiry
  • Quick overview of medications soon-to-expire, including quantities
  • Avoid 'surprise' expiration of all stock

Upcoming Expiries

  • Epinephrine (1:10,000) [482]
  • Fentanyl (250 mcg/5ml) [320]
  • D50W (25g) [282]
  • Midazolam (10mg/2ml) [256]
  • ASA (81mg) [220]
  • Ventolin (5mg/5ml) [189]
  • Nitroglycerin (0.4mg/Spray) [155]


  • Version 2.42.0 Release Mar 2017
  • New Maintenance Cost Report
  • UI Improvements in Fleet Snap shot
  • New notes field in fleet status/ snap shot
  • See Site Development for details
  • Version 2.41.0 Release Dec 2016
  • Expiry Feature with operational assigment
  • See Site Development for details
  • Version 2.40.0 Release Sep 2016
  • Add printer friendly view to check sheet completion report
  • Populate Fleet Status indicators from Check sheet
  • Display custom fleet status indicators in summary
  • See Site Development for details

Protocol Compliance

QA Compliance

PCR QA Module

  • Modelled on Peer PCR Audit System
  • See Compliance with protocols
  • Quickly identify and address problem areas with education/protocol updates
  • Under development

Fleet SnapShot

  • 'Find me!' - What assets are where?
  • System Status display

Custom Dashboards

  • Dashboard configurable by user
  • Permissions based, only able to see what user is authorised to see

Controlled Medications

  • Handle Controlled Medication check process
  • Mandated multiple-signature approach
  • Retrospective reports for problem analysis
  • Proactive reports to watch for worrying trends
  • Customizable 'triggers' for alerting supervisory staff

Narc Count Compliance

Count Compliance